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Offering Petroleum Jelly, Simethicone Oil, Silicone Fluid, Silicone Grease and many more ...

Applications Of
Our Silicone Fluid

Having a unique combination of various properties, our silicone fluid finds its use as follows:

1) Mechanical Fluid: Being viscous, chemical and thermal stable, it is used in hydraulic and mechanical fields. Some of the products in which it is used are damping medium and hydraulic stabilizer.
2) Release Material: Due to its non-toxicity property, it is used as odorless, non-carbonizing, non-toxic mold release for metal die castings, rubbers and plastics.
3) Lubricant: Helps in providing lubrication to elastomeric and plastic surfaces.
4) Chemical Specializes and in polishes: Applied in furniture varnishes because of its high glossy finish and resistivity to water. Our silicone fluid is also used in fabric conditioners and aerosol starches.
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About Us

About Us

We started our business to render our clients a range of products such as Copper Grease, Hinges Grease, Petroleum Jelly, Simethicone Oil, Silicone Emulsion, Silicone Grease, Silicone Defoamer, Silicone Fluid Emulsifier, Silicone Thread Lubricants, Amino Silicone, etc. With the employment of advance technology and usage of various raw material like oil immersion and silicone oil, the top most priority of our firm as a Manufacturer and Supplier is to deliver desired outputs to our buyers by serving them aforementioned products at affordable prices.