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Company Brief

Being in this industry for years, we still aim to satisfy our customers by offering them nothing but the best. When it comes to silicone products, we are the favorite choice of our patrons in the market because of our quality tested products. We have some of the eminent brands of nation as our clients like Dabar India, Cadillac, Rossari Biotech, Triveni Chemicals, R Chemicals, H Media, Jackson Laboratory And JSW Steel. We are striving to win more hearts in the market.

What Is Silicone and Why Is It Preferred?

The organic groups that are attached to the silicon atoms determine the properties of polymer. It is extracted from Silica and is found abundant in nature within sand. The hydrocarbons that helps to develop polymer originate from fossil fuels such as natural gas and petroleum.

Because of the easy availability of Silicone in nature, the products manufactured using it are inexpensive. A thin layer of Silicone dioxide molecules over silicone makes it a good insulator that helps in the easy processing of the material and thus, these products can be customized according to the requirement of an individual. Being resistive to water and heat, it finds its usage in various product range. Silicone products are easy to maintain, wash and clean. Apart from the aforementioned properties, Silicone material exhibits several other characteristics because of which it is best-loved. Some of which are mentioned below:

1) Low chemical reactivity
2) Thermal stability
3) High gas permeability
4) Low toxicity

Environmental Concern

As mentioned above, although the hydrocarbons used to make the polymer of silicone are derived from fossil fuels like natural gas and petroleum and are unable to decompose. Still these are recyclable and do not harm environment. Therefore, our Silicone oil is also applicable in food, pharmaceutical, electric and cosmetic industry.

Applications Of Our Silicone Fluid

Having a unique combination of different attributes, our silicone fluid finds its usage as follows:

1) In Processing of Food: Since it is non -toxic, unadulterated and uncontaminated, it is best suited in several applications of food processing.
2) As a Foam Preventive: In non-aqueous system where there is need to control the flow of foam, small amount of silicone oil is effectively used in such areas.
3) Skin and Cosmetic Preparation: It is considered as an important ingredient in many creams, hair grooming aids, suntan lotions, and skin protactants due to its resistivity to water.