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Serving people for over 22 years, we, M. R. Silicone Industries, have become an eminent brand in the market. Our production plant is established in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India). With the dream to provide premier quality silicone products, Mr. Rajendra Patel started this company in the year 1995. Supported by his vast knowledge and years of experience, our workers have been able to achieve an annual turnover of whooping amount INR 5 Crores in the last year. The employees of our firm ensure the elimination of defects, if present by adopting several quality strategies. Client satisfaction being our main objective, we focus to produce the product like High Speed Bearing Grease, Car Polish Emulsion, High Vaccum Grease and many more that fulfill the requirement of our clients.

Products We Offer

At M. R. Silicone Industries, you will be provided with an immense range of silicone products at highly competitive prices. You can opt from our below tabulated products as per your need:

  • Poly Iso Butylene
  • Aluminium Grease
  • Car Polish Emulsion
  • Chain Lubricant
  • Copper Based Anti- Seize Compound
  • Cutting Oil (Eco Friendly)
  • Damping Grease
  • Defoamer Oil
  • Dielectric- Sealant Cum Lubricants
  • Embroidery Machine Oil
  • Graphite Grease
  • Heat Sink Compound Grease
  • Heavy Duty High Temp. Grease -400
  • High Speed Bearing Grease
  • High Temperature Chain
  • High Temperature Lithium Grease
  • High Vaccum Grease
  • Light Liquid Paraffin

  • Mechanism Grease
  • Methyl Phenyl Silicone Oil
  • Moly Grease - 100
  • Multi Purpose Graphite Grease
  • Non-Silicone Defoamer
  • Non-Silicone Emulsion
  • Oil Ink Follower
  • Radiator Coolant (Eco Friendly)
  • Simethicone
  • Silicone Defoamer
  • Silicone Emulsion
  • Silicone Gel Grease Silicone
  • Silicone Defoamer
  • Silicone Oil Emulsifier
  • PTFE Grease
  • Thermal Compound
  • Wax Emulsion- 50%
  • White Oil Emulsifier

Additionally, we are also providing:

  • Grease
    • Silicone Grease
    • Moly Grease
    • Nickel Grease
    • Copper Grease
    • Graphite Grease
    • Bearing Grease
    • PTFE Grease
    • Hinges Grease
    • Silicone Gel Grease
    • High Vacuum Grease
    • Electrical Contact Grease
    • Silicone Mold Release Grease
  • Emulsion
    • Wax Emulsion
    • Xylene Emulsion
    • Silicone Emulsion
    • Hydrophilic Emulsion
  • Emulsifier
    • Amino Fluid Emulsifier
    • Silicone Fluid Emulsifier
  • Lubricants
    • Silicone Thread Lubricants
    • Dielectric Sealant-Cum-Lubricant
  • Gear Oil
  • Simethicone
  • Silicone Fluid
  • Amino Silicone
  • Poly Isobutylene
  • Heat Sink Compound
  • Coco Diethanolamide
  • Non Silicone Defoamer
  • Ink Follower For Jotter Refills
  • Silicone Defoamer Anti Foaming

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