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Silicone  Grease Lubricants
We serve our clients with Silicone Grease Lubricants that appears to be white viscous paste and translucent in nature. It possess the similar properties as those of its components by blending which this is prepared. Components of our offered array includes a thickener called amorphous fumed silica and a silicone oil known as polydimethylsiloxane.
Silicone Oil
Our provided Silicone Oil works as electrical insulator, lubricant and hydraulic or thermal fluid to find utilization in a number of applications such as diffusion pumps, clutch assemblies for automobile cooling fan, silly putty, oil filled heaters and many more. The polymer chain is arranged in alternate ways containing atoms of oxygen and silicon.
Synthetic Oil
Our provided Synthetic Oil offers maximum torque and horsepower in the applications that use minimum drag upon the engines. In addition, it also renders excellent viscosity index and performance under extreme temperatures along with better shear and chemical stability. The products made using our rendered range are known to be oil free or non-oil.
Silicone Emulsion
Use our Emulsions which are practically white viscous emulsion free from foreign impurities having a very faint odorless. They are featured by high lubricity, greater frictional characteristics and optimum viscosity.
Industrial Lubricants
We deal in Industrial Lubricants which have the capacity to give heat stability. They are used in all industrial applications like gear oils, hydraulic oils, heavy-duty engine oils and transmission fluids.
Lubricating Greases
We provide Lubricating Greases which are ideal where additional protection from dirt or fumes are required. They are stable at low and high temperatures, resistant to friction and have balanced composition.
We provide Simethicone Oils which are used for medical purposes such as stomach upset, acid indigestion, etc. The offered products are safe for all age groups, and are well known for their excellent performance.
Thermal Grease
We deal in Thermal Greases which used in different types of vehicles, machines and other. They have long shelf life, optimum viscosity, can withstand high temperature, have excellent lubrication properties, and made with optimum purity.
Silicone Defoamer
We deal in wide range of Silicone Defoamers which have long shelf life. They are used in a wide variety of industrial batch processing applications. Also, they are available in excellent packing at competitive price.
High Temperature Grease
Use our High Temperature Greases which last for longer time period. They are ideal for preventing corrosion, wear and extreme temperature degradation, highly resistive to water because of their structural stability, etc. They find usage in various applications that require lubricant for performing operations to work under different temperature range to have durable and reliable systems.
Use our high grade quality Polyisobutylenes which are specially developed for targeting automotive driveline and industrial markets. They provide excellent cleanliness, supreme thickening property and excellent shear stability and oxidation.
Chain Lubricants
Use our Chain Lubricants which crystal clear. They are featured by low volatility, Show high stability under extreme temperatures, etc. Moreover, they are applicable in producing fiber board, powder coating machines, ceramics, etc.
Thread Lubricants
Use our Thread Lubricants which give excellent results in the finishing of sewing thread to improve the threads surface slip & increase its heat resistance. They are featured by high thermal stability, high longer shelf life and optimum viscosity.
White Oil Emulsifier
Use our White Oil Emulsifiers which are broadly demanded in automobile industry for protecting the engine parts. They have high viscosity, excellent oxidation and optimum purity. With the help of our vendors, this is formulated as per the set industry standards using best quality chemical compounds.
Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum Jelly is very versatile for different applications and is lighter than other solutions. It does not have nay kind of smell and is white in color. The content of sulfide in the jelly is very less which make sit safe for the user.

Glycerin has outstanding effects on your skin which makes your skin radiant and smooth. The ability of the product to bear and endure high temperatures is admired by the users on a large scale.